Vans X ASSC x DSM.

Here we have another collaboration from Vans mixing it up with Anti Social Social Club as well as Dover Street Market.

We see, to be honest nothing more than a very little effort put into this shoe.

The silhouettes chosen for this collaboration are the Sk8 Hi and the Authentic models. Neither of which seem to show any sign they’re a Pro, LX, OG or Vault model apart from the pinstripe, being the same so you will most likely get a very poor, general quality material.

The Era’s feature an all Pink colourway, with ‘GET WEIRD’ on the inside of the Midsole, alongside laces that say ‘I EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED THINGS TO YOU NEVER AGAIN’ which is a educated guess, don’t quote me on that.

The uppers use a pink canvas material, pink stitching, a standard pink midsole, a pink pinstripe, as well as what I can assume will be a pink waffle sole.

The SK8-Hi features the same laces on the shoe, as well as an all black upper, featuring a suede tongue, suede eyelets, leather jazz stripe, canvas side panels, suede toebox, pink pinstripe, midsole and what I can guess, a pink waffle outsole.

The insoles would be a complete guess, but I would assume it would just be the ASSC logo, seeing as sweet FA, effort wise, was put into these shoes. Hate to be negative, but this just feels like rushed work and I don’t see any DSM branding on the shoe at all.

Retail I guess will be £75/£90 or $100/$120, but from what I can see, this shouldn’t be price at more than £60, however this is a collaboration, ergo this will not happen.

Release date will be May 26th, so make sure you get up nice and early and get the Bakerloo line to Piccadilly Circus, run down past the front of DSM, skid and turn the corner to hundreds of kids queuing, flexing their CDG sale items they got from DSM, whilst glaring at you as if to say ‘Do you know how much resell will be? or “I have no more space for proxy, weave me awone.”

Or you could always try on DSM’s E-Shop and then wait for the whole site to crash, go on Facebook and see loads of other people posting ‘anyone else not able to get onto E-shop or is it just me?

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