Soulland Gets Two Dunks; One High, One Low.

Part 2 of their collaboration with Nike, Soulland brings us a Dunk High and a Dunk Low, both of which show a theme of “DECONSTRUCTED” similar to what Virgil did with “THE 10”. Some people like this, some people find it redundant, I actually dig it. Shows the raw integrity of the sneaker.

Intricate details on the Dunk High include the Jewel Swoosh on the top of the stitching in swoosh, “” embossed on the both back heels and exposed raw materials on the top of the tongue.

The shoe in its entirety is simple, minimal and clean.

Now onto the low, which doesn’t have a swoosh. Hmmm. There is however, a smaller one on the tongue, which I don’t like. It’s almost like “This is a swooshless dunk, would you still buy it?” I don’t think so.

Aside from my subjective view on the aesthetics of a swooshless dunk, the shoe colourway is nice, alongside the blocking of black, blue and white suede, leather and canvas, which makes up the shoe to be most clean and wearable.


NikeSB_Soulland_2_hd_1600 Silas Adler, Soulland Co-Founder explains; “We’re happy to continue the collaboration with Nike. It’s been a pleasure as both a designer and a skateboarder to work on such a classic as the Dunk. It has been particularly fun with the creative freedom that allowed us to give it a complete overhaul.”

This shoe drops on Friday (irony) 15th Dec, 2017 8am GMT at most skate shops and boutiques. Retailing at £90 each.

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