Kiss My Airs, Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max 97/1.

Last year, Nike hosted a competition called ‘Vote Forward’ where they chose “12 of the world’s most influential creatives to reimagine the new Air Max. No rules. One winner. One completely new Air Max.”

The 12 People Are…












Sean’s pair won, now there was a semi lowkey uproar about this, because one pair from this competition was highly favoured, which was Artemy Lebedev’s pair.


This features a 97 upper, using a laceless system, replaced with a zip. The  with a Vapormax sole. The upper uses mesh all around the shoe, with what appears to be some kind of reflective materials used on the waves (if that’s what they’re called). Then you’ve got the Red Nike Mini Swoosh in the middle of the shoe, which is the best colour to contrast with black. Overall this shoe in comparisons to Sean’s is a lot more minimal and sleek, which I can understand as to why this could of won over Sean’s.


So a bit about Sean @sean_wotherspoon. I know of him, from ‘The Show By Round Two’, which is a lengthy show they do on YouTube, definitely a good watch.

Round Two is a consignment/thrift/vintage/archive store. They’re extremely well known, have a massive following on Instagram, where they pretty much post everything that’s worth anything through their instagram page stating the piece and the price.

I’ve learnt a lot from just flicking through Instagram daily seeing they’re posts because SO much and I mean so much, (they blow up your feed) comes in and out of their doors. I’m very much into my shoes, so seeing the shoes that I’ve never come across before, is always interesting.

Seans owns part of R2 with Aaron Cartier and has an insanely good sneaker/clothing collection. Be sure to hit up his instagram to have a look.


Understandable, this is a LOUD shoe, the use of colours makes it stand out when walking, it’s probably impossible not to hear a few necks crack when you’re wearing these. The detailing on this shoe is so good, yet it’s still isn’t overdoing it. I actually really like the colourway, most importantly, the colour blocking. Had the blocking been done incorrectly, this could of been a disaster. Fortunately, it’s not!

So getting into the footwear itself.

The upper uses a mixture of corduroy and denim. We see the use of corduroy throughout the whole upper, on the 7 waves, (I’m going to call them waves), which the more the sneaker is worn, will fray and age. I love the material corduroy as a stand alone textile, so to me this is a solid material option to use for a shoe. The denim we see, is used on the back heel tab, which says VA – LA, another nice detail of this shoe.


Still on the upper, the sock lining and insole of the shoe is made entirely from Velour! Entirely! It’s looks so plush and soft, I can imagine how easy it would be to break these in. Sean really did kill it on this pair, every part of the shoe, you can tell he took a lot of time to think through and optimise the use of it. In this instance, the insoles and lining is normal fairly comfortable, but after a lot of wear, it starts to fray and rip, not in a good way. This then exposes the underneath material, which is more often than not, plastic. Not good.


Finally, getting to the midsole/outsole of the shoe.


I’m quite glad Sean decided to use a different sole for this shoe, seeing as the 97 sole is quite exposed, so when wore a lot shoes signs of discolouration, scratches, pretty much obvious wear and tear, again not in the good way. I kind of gives the shoe more of a less futuristic look, and more of a down to earth look. Hard to depict for you how I came to that conclusion, yet that’s what it feels like to me.


The outsole, uses 4 colours, another nice touch to add for the shoe. Those embossed nipples though.

I think when it comes to shoe releases, any shoe that releases, whether it’s a GR, QS, HS F&F, the company should do intricate detailing on the shoe, such as Sean’s which also comes with a bunch of extra’s. As well as this they should do the box upscale, as well as adding extra’s, such as sticker’s, pins, dust bags, addition information, etc. It just makes a shoe that bit more special, showing that someone has put that very needed TLC in.


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