Denim, Maharishi Denim.

You’re The Best, No Douuubt.


Yes, In this post, I’m talking about Trouser’s, Pant’s if you’re American.

Inspiration for this Blog is probably because of how much I love this Denim. The craftsmanship, detailing, cut, quality, fit, feel, everything about them, is so, damn, good. Maharishi to me is very underrated, everything I’ve bought from them has been super premium and I don’t mean premium in the sense that it’s written on a label, I mean premium in the sense that when you get them in hand, you can feel it.

Every part about the pant is so luxurious and opulent. The deep, richness of the indigo, the impeccable embroidery on the back, the heaviness of the denim, how these actually live up to the name ‘straight leg’ because every other pant that claims to be ‘straight leg’ is tapered straight, not actually straight.


Not only is the Embroidery on point, see how intricate the graphics are.


Doesn’t stop there. The inside has printed Camouflage! It’s like they thought of everything!


Not sure what these are for, but they sure do look the part. Headphones? No, ridiculous.


This is the best part! They come with a zip! Not those blasted chunky metal buttons, which are impossible to do up and undo, especially when in need to evacuate the bladder.




Information and Instructions. That 13oz though.


 In Action.



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