Vans Old Skool Silhouette Gets A Premium “Italian Leather” Treatment.

Can’t afford Common Projects? Then Look No Further.


Vans has decided to invest in some actual premium quality leather to use on their timeless model, the Old Skool which debuted in 1977It features three really smooth, elementary colourways; Cielo, Mango and Artic. The bottom colourway doesn’t look anything like the artic, but whatever, still nice regardless.


 I think what’s funny, I mean not really funny, but ironic then. The old skool are designed to be skated in, which is actually ideal for this type of material, as it will age the shoe really well, similar to the ‘Veggie Tan’ Old Skool, which came out a year or so ago, which I will show to those who don’t know.

The whole shoe features, tonal upper, aside from that O, so sweet White Jazz Stripe, alongside white laces, a nice touch to the shoe. Complimented with a white midsole, a waffle outsole and an embossed ‘OFF THE WALL’ logo on the heel, so you know you’re getting that premium vansClassic stuff.


 This shouldn’t be too hard to cop, but you never know. Resellers eh?

Retail is around £100, kinda steep if you normally pay £50 for you Old Skool’s at size?, but these aren’t made for terribly cheap canvas and cats tongue suede, so you are getting a lot of bang for your buck.

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