Minimal; Converse Accommodates Undercover.

I was starting to get sick of seeing Chuck Taylor’s left, right and center. On the tube, at work, walking down the street, in a shop, waiting for food, EVERYWHERE I went, I saw a Chuck, whether it be high or low.


However, seeing a collaboration from the notorious Japanese punk-fused style, “UNDERCOVER”, I’m less mad.

So as we can vaguely see from this photo, we have tonal midsole and what I can assume the same for the outsole. The mudwall seems to be a contrasting colour for all 4 coluorways, however the pinstripe seems to be tonal to the upper.


The entirely upper is the standard canvas, with matching laces alongside the rubber toe cap saying DISORDER and ORDER. Kind of similar to the Vans Era that came out last year, so I suppose if you like low key, smaller detailing, then these are for you.

Personally I wouldn’t grab a pair. Not enough effort seems to be put in. It just seems like converse had a conversation that sounds like this…

Converse: When did we last do a collaboration on a Chuck?

Converse: We did that CDG one?

Converse: That was three years ago.

Converse: Oh we did that J.W.Anderson the other week.

Converse: Oh Yes. Should we do another collaboration with sweet FA effort and chartge double retail?

Converse: Sounds Good.

Not sure what retail is, but I can assume it may be in the £75-90 region, I doubt it will be more.

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