874’s; A Sycophant Pant.

Where can I begin?


For Starters, I’ve been wearing this pant for well over 2 years. The first time I came across it was when I first joined ‘The Basement’ which for those who don’t know, is a Facebook Page to Buy/Sell/Trade Streetwear, as well as general discussion, whether that be upcoming releases, advice, health, etc. Consistently seeing #WDYWT posts with the 874 Pant by Dickies, I saw how they fitted and what people wore them with.

A lot of outfits with these pants consisted of a Hoodie/Shirt/T-Shirt, (The Pant) then a pair of Skate Shoes, e.g. Chucks, Janoski’s, One Stars, Old Skools, and at the time all I wore was the Classic Black Canvas Slip On from Vans. Tired of wearing DKNY, Lee, I decided to purchase a Black pair, 34 leg I believe.

I then got them, threw them on and I don’t know what it is was, but I just felt elevated as soon as I saw them in the Mirror. After wearing them to work, I felt a bit like this.

Why am I harping on about a pair of pants?

I’ve written previous posts about why I think that your pant game should be on point. You obviously need a good foundation, (shoes) then you keep it consistent, you don’t cheap out on your trousers.

Here are some outfits with these glorious pants.


Plain Boxy White T-Shirt.

Navy Dickies 874’s.

Reebok Classic’s.


Linen Over Shirt.

Graphic White T-Shirt.

Beige Dickies 874’s.

Vans Checkerboard Era’s.


Black Beanie

Pulp Fiction White T-Shirt.

Black Dickies 874’s.

Vans Old Skool Black & White.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Stripped Rugby Polo Shirt.

Beige Dickies 874’s.

Converse Chuck Taylor High.


So if you’re looking for reasonable priced trousers, that have good quality, fit and aesthetic, then look no further!

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