20 Years Later; The Nike Air Max 98 Resurfaces.

So, here we are.

2018 is upon us and we have I suppose, been blessed with a retro of two iconic colourways. The ‘Gundam’ and ‘Tour Yellow’.

Now I say ‘I suppose’ just because of the retail price. It £145. To the standard person, the most you would pay is £100, I would say. I feel like these should be priced at around the £100/110 mark. I think the price is semi taking the piss, but that’s my subjective view on it.


This colourway is my favorite out of the first two, as I prefer the colour blocking, colours of course. These to me are easier to style as the colours are a lot more neutral in comparison to the Gundam.


 I do still like these, but I can’t get jiggy with red mixed with blue, but I do like the red air unit. Just can’t see myself wearing them, regardless they are a nice shoe. Quality on these, do look good, there’s a lot of parts that make up the shoe, alongside the different materials used, including Mesh, Leather, Canvas and 3M I believe.

The only 98 that I owned and have owned is the Supreme collaboration Snakeskin version, as the choice of colours and materials were very exotic and enticing. Call me a “hypebeast”, but I didn’t buy the shoe because of the hype. I actually liked the silhouette firstly, as well as the snakeskin detailing and the colour blocking. Plus this was the first time I found out about the 98 and found it to be a very likable shoe.

I remember when they first released, I struck out on Supreme’s site, due to BT’s incredibly slow broadband. However on nike.com, I was able to add them to cart! However due to a lack of funds because of priorities, I didn’t end up buying. Wish I had because I ended up paying £200 for them in the end, which is £65 above retail, which brings me to my next point. Retail for these was £135. £135 for a collaboration with one of the largest brands out there. So why these are £145, I can only guess is because they’re one of the original colourways that came out 20 years ago.


So a great silhouette, if you get a chance to grab for retail and you like them enough to pay it, then go for it!

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