Samuel Ross’ “A Cold Wall” Hits It Off With Nike.

Although this release came out ago sometime, ago, I feel I should discuss this AF1 in it’s entirety.  I’ve never really been much into the Air Force 1 up until last year when a wave of a surge came about and everyone began to wear them. You could kind of tell who has been wearing them for years, in comparison to those who have just jumped onto the bandwagon.


Regardless of this, lets talk about the brand *A COLD WALL* or ACW if you prefer, for those who don’t know about it.


Founded by Samuel Ross in 2015, this London-based designer uses working-class uniforms from the UK and Savile Row tailoring to create the aesthetic that is ACW. This for Ross means that he would handcraft every garment, whether it be technical or not. Crazy to think about the amount of TLC that goes into the garments, which is very refreshing as a lot of clothes that you pay through the nose for, aren’t tended to at all.

Ross graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester, acquiring a degree in graphic design and illustration. Samuel Ross was at one time, an ex-assistant and now the consultant of the infamous brand that has exploded in the last 12 months, ‘OFF-WHITE’.

I don’t own anything ACW, as my job pay’s me sweet FA, however I love how all pieces look; what with the mismatched look, graphics all around the garment, simple themes to each garment, loud, yet somehow discreet.


So, the Air Force they have gone with is a high top, using and displaying features that are, to quote Samuel ‘deconstructing, reducing, questioning – an entire process which we take seriously’ which we can see through the use of the Nike swoosh being there, however not being there.

So, starting from the bottom, we have an ice blue outsole, contrasting with a cream midsole, cracking stuff. Upper is a mixture of what appears to be Nike’s standard leather they use on GR AF1’s, which is very disappointing as this is a collaboration, not something you’d find sitting on a JD Sports shelf. You’ve then got some branding at the rear part of the toe wall, very well placed, however I think it would of been better if it was tonal to the colour of the leather

You’ve then got a hairy, thick suede, used on the eyelets and entire outer heel panel of the shoe in a dirty grey colour, which does look congenial in respect of the colours used.  Moving up the shoe, we’ve got a what appears to be an unnecessary strap in grey, which loops through the yellow back heel tab, displaying branding from both brands. I say unnecessary, because it’s a high, not a low top, so odd’s of you foot slipping out is highly unlikely.


These go for around £1-2k, market is a bit bonkers for these, but only 300 released at a Pop up in London, so demand, as always, outweighs supply.

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