Deconstruction; Dissecting A Dunk.

Around the start of January, I thought to myself “how am I going to get a job in the footwear industry. How can I use my time more effectively to help with this goal?” Well, for starters, I’ve decided to use my website and write posts about shoes, just like this!

But since I want to actually learn how to create things with my hands, I figured I would take apart a silhouette that I wanted to recreate with my chosen materials. Plus, seeing how much shoes go for, my best bet of acquiring them, is to make my own version of them.


This dunk is the “Piet Mondrian” (304292 702) which came out in 2008. The reason why I chose this dunk is because it was the cheapest dunk I could find, second hand, from the day’s where Nike SB used to use the original inner heel support as well as the padding on the tongue and back heel lining.

Essentially, when dunks were MUCH more comfortable.


As you can see, the shoes above are the 2002 Reese Forbes Denim. Only 444 pairs were released and finding a pair is something of a myth.
Instead of paying the resell price (£2k+), I could make it from scratch. I could find a dunk with a white midsole/red outsole, remove it from the original shoe and then create this shoe from scratch from a pair of jeans, just like Nike has, except this will only cost me £50 to make.



Obviously I will use the pieces of the deconstructed dunk as a template for this project, sew all the pieces together, get some adhesive for sticking parts together, a sewing machine to secure the shoe to the midsole. Then to finish it off, some infinity barge cement.
Once this endeavor is complete I will be posting the results!
I urge anyone who may have a creative inkling in their mind, just go out and do it! It’s very refreshing.

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