The Converse One Star Hotel.

Converse opens up the One Star Hotel to the public this Friday and Saturday, show casing the iconic sneaker with the collaborators being Tyler The Creator, Yung Lean and A$AP Nast, Paria Farzaneh, Year Of The Dog and MADEME.


Based in Shoreditch, 155 New Road, a mere 10 minute walk from the Old Street Station, you can go through all 5 floors of the hotel and experience the skate, fashion and music side of things. Converse’s One Star Hotel is open to the public February 16 and February 17 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to late.


What with Leo Mandella being the main host of the hotel, the place has five floors, all of which are as interesting as the last.


One of the six five shoe’s to drop, is the A$AP Nast Corduroy One Star. As you can tell. the shoe is made entirely of corduroy, with just that o, so, sweet hit of maroon on the star.


The second one is Yung Lean’s pair, which I have to say i’m not to keen on, seeing as I can’t get jiggy with those stars on the inner mid panel, as well as the yellow mud guard, however a nice shoe none the less!


Halfway in is the Le Fluer’s (Tyler’s shoe) which is a re-release, so I guess good for those who missed out, not so good for those who paid that hefty resell price though. Hairy suede, flower composing the star in it’s wake, with a flower based outsole.


Next up is my favourite one, probably because they did a mid, rather than a low. So inspired by her Iranian background, she integrates this into the one star, by using colour patterns that will break necks effortlessly.


5/6 of the way there and we stumble upon the “Year Of The Dog”. I don’t really like it to be honest, none of the features really speak volumes to me. Not to be rude, but this shoe isn’t for me, even taking into account the materials and silhouette.


Last, however by no means least, is the Mademe! Corduroy as we can see, using a forest green colourway, alongside a vibrant yellow one. Simplistic, so not much else to say about this shoe.

converse-one-star-hotel (1)

So to review, the event should be a solid experience, however don’t expect to just walk in, there will most definitely be a queue for most, if not all of the day.


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