Lifestyle Company “CLOT”, Gets An AF1.

Yet again, Nike is bringing us another hot Air Force 1 collaboration, with Lifestyle Brand “Clot”.


The company itself was established in 2003 by founders Edison Chen and Kevin Poon. Since, the company has built its reputation on selling a unique selection of lifestyle goods as well as launching its own line of products from 2004. They have collaborated with many other international brands and artists; such as Fragment, Levi’s, Nike, Coca-Cola and Disney etc.

clot af1 4

The shoe features a translucent sole, with a subtle hit of cream to help contrast against the upper of the shoe.

clot af1 2

The material used for the upper is satin, which isn’t on very many shoes, so props to CLOT for using it. The patterned used is an meticulous oriental pattern, which is much more apparent, the more the shoe is worn.

clot af1 3

Alongside, we have a standard white swoosh, just to keep it in tact, so as to not go overboard.


Although I didn’t write much, this shoe has been on my mind ever since photos of it surfaced. When I first saw them, I didn’t mind them. I’m not really an AF1 kinda guy, more skate orientated if anything when it comes to shoes. However, I then saw them again on Sean Wotherspoons instagram, which made me like them even more. Then on Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, Nike and I finally just thought, “yeah, these are actually very under-rated.”

clot af1

I actually was awake when they dropped on the “SNEAKRS” app at 8am, but I didn’t really have £170 to drop on shoes. I saw a that a lot of people that entered the draw they put up, not actually secure a pair, so kinda glad I didn’t go for it, so as to not be disappointed. But hey, as they say; no pain, no gain.


Even writing this and looking up at the photos, I really want to buy a pair, I just don’t have the funds. But if YOU do, buy em now, because they will go up in the future. I’d say give it a year and these will easily be worth £500-1k.

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