Nike’s Air Max 97 “Japan”, Gets a Vapormax Makeover.

Well… Well. What, do, we, have… here.


It’s the Japan colourway on the 97, but with a slight adjustment. The sole is the vapormax air unit!


Having these in hand, I really liked them.

The weight is crazy light, colours are really in sync, as well as the whole silhouette of the shoe being ridiculously clean.

The shoe itself pays homage to a classic colourway, which can only be described as “Neon” through the uses of black contrasting on yellow, alongside grey.


Everything about the shoe is great, aside from one thing.

The price.

Nike expect you to pay £185 for these.

Straight up, £185.

Is that supposed to be a very bad joke?

I mean come on… fine you have mastered a very technical air unit which is very versatile, yes it’s a retro and yes you have mixed two shoes into 1, but be reasonable. Why couldn’t it be more on the £135 side of things?

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 23.13.22.png

Well regardless of the price, I’m sure these won’t have any trouble selling out, so no problem there.


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