Supreme’s The North Face Collaboration Is Shiny? Who Knew?

Something to feast your retinas upon, is the latest collaboration from Supreme and The North Face. One of the most anticipated releases/collaborations Supreme do, therefore this evidently will be sought after. Or , perhaps not?

A metallic theme has been taken on for this collection, which to me is just recycling the SS13 3M design, even though, YES, it’s not 3M. Regardless of this, I’m not mad at the theme they’ve taken on board, actually dig it a lot. It’s very wearable, which is why I like it.


 Solid choice choosing to do dungarees, even if ASAP Nast did say they copied him (you didn’t invent dungarees fella).

This right here is what you call bland, tasteless and straight up lazy. No effort at all on this design and they’re going to charge what? £138 for the hoodie and £46 for the tee?Fucking, KEEP IT.


Standard Backpacks, none the less, very clean.


Although minimal design, very clean and likable.


Baci, Rizler, Blower. Sorted.

Releasing 05/04/2018 at Brooklyn, LA, NY, London and Paris.

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