Air Max 1 Concept; Seinfeld.

Seinfeld AM1 WM

Inspiration for this colorway is from dissecting colors/materials from Kramer, Elaine, George and Jerry’s outfit.

Cosmo; throughout the entire 9 seasons, wears very mesmerizing, quirky outfits, especially on his torso. Therefore I found fitting to use his shirt, which as we can see is made up of Scorpions on a stone background. This I placed on to the side panel of the upper.

Elaine; seeing as Elaine wears fairly monochrome outfits, I figured that I should use the brown/burgundy from her blazer. She always wears formal attire, as well as her endeavor with Mr. Pitt which I remember well. I place this around the lower back/side panel, as well as the mudguard and lower tongue stitching area.


George; again, with George, he more often than not wears plaid shirts, or any checkered shirt for that matter. There is something about a heavy flannel shirt that I really dig, maybe it’s the nappy cotton, maybe it’s the squares, I don’t know. All I know is, it’s a clean item to rock in an outfit. This is on the swoosh and collar part.

Jerry; the actual name of the show, Mr. Seinfeld, I decided to use his shirt as out of his outfit, as I wasn’t really digging the black jeans, alongside the white Nike Air Supreme Focus, seeing as that is a sneaker. So I was left with the belt or the shirt, I obviously went with the shirt, the shade of neutral blue was too clean to not incorporate into this sneaker.

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